Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tiny Meadows

Ever since I saw the report on wildflower meadows by James Wong on Countryfile in August 2010.  I have been wanting to create my own.

But I was not sure, how I was going to achieved this.
Because like most of us, I do not own bits of the beautiful countryside.  I know this sounds really bad, But this is how
I felt back in September 2010..

Since then I have worked out. That I can have them, but much smaller.  Silly really how I thought I could not have them.

So when I went shopping I bought a box of wildflower seed.

It was not til March when I needed to move my buddleia from the pot on the wall, that it appeared from.  Too a pot by my rhododendron......

If I remember right the little Blue flower is called Borage.
 Sorry the light weren't so good

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