Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Rose

In June I started to secretly search for the rose my mum fell in love with - called rhapsody in blue! 

We first saw the rose while spending the morning down at Groves Nurseries in Bridport, back in January.  Mum fell in love there and then, which I don't blame her - as the scent is wonderful and the colour is beautiful! 

At first I couldn't find one, until I came across a rose company based in Cornwall!  Then the second week in August came and I thought to my self " what am I doing???" - I keep going on about supporting local business's even the family run business.  So I decided to email Groves at Bridport to see if they had any in stock.  A few days later I received a reply back, to say that they had one in stock.  So the next day after I had popped into town I phoned Groves to make my ordered.  I had a lovely guy who answered the phone and took my ordered, I also decided on having the rose gift wrapped! 

I really wanted it to be delivered on the 21st, which was a Tuesday, but they only deliver to my area on a Thursday.  So I opted for the Thursday before!

The 16th of August arrived and I waited hoped and prayed that they would deliver before I went to work.  I had just sat down at 11:30am to start drafting up a blog post, when the door was knocked.  I opened the door and there was a young lad from groves holding the plant that I had ordered. 

After I took the rose off him and said thank you to him. I knew I couldn't hide it from my mum, so I gave it to her... She was over the moon with it, She didn't even say "you shouldn't have"

Picture below of rhapsody in blue! 

Just after it had been deliver
The picture below is of one of the flowers! 


  1. Well one!I could just imagine how well pleased your mum must have been when you gave the rose :)

  2. What a gorgeous rose! I love this story. :)