Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Christmas Gardening gift's

Here are some of the Christmas gift's my mom gave me at Christmas

I have had this book on my list of things to get for a while.  
So I was really happy on Christmas morning  when I un-wrapped this :) 
Got picture off the box its in!

I use to collected Sylvanian Families when I was younger.  Well actually I stopped about 11 years ago;  But I have kept up-to-date with what's new! 

A few month's ago the Sylvanian Families (Flair) released 'The Beekeeper and Bee hive set' 
Has soon as I saw it I fell in love and I knew I wanted to get this! 

I kind of hinted now and then, by putting it on twitter or writing notes down and even mentioning...

So as you can guess I was over the moon once I un-wrapped this!!!! 

These are so cute and they smell gorgeous too.. 

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  1. The welly soaps looks cute! And I like the sound of the book Em, might get one for ourselves :)