Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Spring is coming

I think I can definitely say winter as hint my
 'Prunus Padus Grandiflora' and the little Victorian Gardens that it is in..

I have noticed the past couple of times I have walked past the gardens how the place looks a bit run down and well used too... Sad thing I've noticed is some one as pulled down the wired fence...  I am not entitle sure what or how the Victorians would feel to see the place now... I guess heart broken! 
I decided to do some digging to find out more about the gardens...  So I dig out my Dorset books to do some research.... 

This is what I have discovered about the land that the gardens are situated on was owned by Sir Frederic Johnston (a Conservative party member).

Sir Frederic Johnston was also the same man that own Greenhill Gardens ( which I am working on a post about).. I believe Frederic also owned the Alexandra Gardens too... 

Back to the little gardens I learnt Sir Frederic Johnston gave the land to the local council for the gardens. He wanted local people who did not have a garden have a place to go...

The gardens was opened on Wednesday 20th July 1904 and was named Saint Johns Gardens.

The picture below is how the gardens looked once opened..

Which to me makes kind of sense... Has up and around the corner is Saint Johns Church. Across the road from the church was the school, also called Saint Johns... Now stands an block of flats where the school was...

Back to Saint Johns Gardens, the Prunus Padus Grandiflora has lost its leaves. But there is signs of Spring is on its way... 

There are buds!


  1. Buds denoting a change is in the air! How wonderful. Thanks for the short history lesson!

  2. Neat to see the old photo of the gardens, and read about the history.

  3. The old photo is fascinating. The angle and the neatness makes the park much bigger than it is. I imagine in the days before cars it might have been pleasant to sit there but nowadays it's a very traffic-fumey place. I imagine it's noisy too. Parks are awkward places. There are few where I wouldn't feel silly if I went and sat there alone. But that doesn't mean I'm not glad little parks like this exist. If there are vandals about - I hope they don't move from fences to trees.