Tuesday, 2 February 2016


I noticed the first week of December on twitter and on my local news, how everywhere had spring flowers out.. 

Then on the 15th of December my family and myself went to Wales to visit friends and pick up our new family member (Which I will write about soon). 

Anyway on our way through Yeovil, we came across daffodils right along the road for a few miles. I honestly tried so hard to get a photo - but failed!!! 

Then a few days before - well it was a few nights before Christmas week I noticed, Life in my little garden.

Saint Johns wort

Rasphy in Blue rose


Flowers out on Fushia's and Geranium's 

Even the hyacinth's have popped up.. Not bad as I bought these last year at my local Morrison's  store for 15p each was £2 they were reduced!

At the time I was ill so I could not get any pictures.

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