Monday, 19 November 2018

New Friend

Hello all -  I'm still alive.....

If you are wondering where I have been. Well the answer is, I had trouble with my newish iPad (He was new to me anyhow ). I learnt I could write posts easy on the iPad. But couldn't upload photos, maybe my brother new of a way but didn't want to share and I couldn't go back to my old nexus7 as it was slowly dying. (Its still dying)

Until the other day when my Godmother said I could have her kindle fire.  Has she was upgrading to the latest version.  At first I was a little unsure about it, as I always thought the kindle is just for books. How wrong am I?

Today my Godmother pop around for coffee and a chat with my mum, she also dropped off the kindle.

I've decided from now on this is what I will be using from now on to blog...

See you soon 

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