Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Lurpak Grow your own

I've been gathering the Lurpak Grow your own from Jekka Herb Farm
But I have only been able to get the Basil and Dill ones.
So two weeks ago I decided to have ago at grow them.

I have tryed peat pellets before and not had a greatest of luck.
So this was going to interesting.

I pick the dill ones...  On the back of the cardboard, is telling you what to do..  First soak the pellets for two hours,  I ended up leaving it a while longer.

Then find a pot to put it into.. 
I saved my Lurpak tub and put holes in it..
Once the soil was ready I poped it into the tub and put it in the greenhouse.

This is how it looked today!!

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