Friday, 13 January 2012

The Tale Of The Lemongrass

Last June (2010) a friend and I had a go at growing some lemongrass.
We both bought the stick's of the grass from a Supermarket.

You can pick them (sticks) up for about 67p from your local supermarket.
You can also get them from farm shops (which for about £1.50) maybe more.
Also the local asian / ethic supermarket, but I do not know ruffly how much they sell them for.

I got an old empty jar (don't laugh a mint sauce jar) from the cupboard,
 and put some water in.  Then I put the fat end of the stick in the jar of water.

After about a week the lemongrass had roots and green shoots

But..... I ended up running out of compost.  So I ended up keeping the grass in the jar of water.
Then the weather changed outside!  Which effects temperature of my bedroom (like most people).

One morning when I went to check on how my lemongrass was.  I had a shock and was sadden,
to see mold had moved in.  :'(  So I ended up taking off some of the leaves.
I thought I had won.....  But a few days later the mold came back.  :(

I was sad about this. So in the end, I ended up saying bye bye to the molded lemongrass...
My mate's lemongrass did really well and still is.

In 2011 I tryed again and so far was so good.
Til you guess it the evil mold re-appeared.
But I have beaten it again, woohoo!!

Picture was took today Friday 13th Jan 2012

I am now planning to planted up in the next couple of weeks, early feb!