Saturday, 18 February 2012

Spring is on it way!!

January -- February updates

The weather as been so mild one of my Rhododendron's started flowering just before Christmas on the 18th December and still is flowering nine weeks on. I'm not complaining even thou in the last few weeks its been -10 some nights.


Also three weeks ago my daffodil's and other bubs decided that they have had enough sleep and has started to
slowly come up out of bed.


The Little Green House Activities

I thought all was doing well in my little green house until the other day.  I un-zipped its little doors and peeped inside.  To my horror there was two snails and a slug or was it a snail without a shell? So out they went!

Then I checked all the plants I have in the green house. The Strawberries plants, the lil rose and the Centaurea Montana are doing really well.

But when I checked the Aloe Vera to my shock horror. There was eggs. It could only be those of the snails. Arrggggh!!!
So I re-potted the Aloe Vera and bagged up the soil with the eggs in flatted them too.

The only nice surprise I had in my lil green house was.  My two Goji plants had so far survived winter and have new fresh buds on. :D

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