Monday, 26 March 2012

The New additions to the family/garden!

O' Christmas Tree

 Since I was a little girl I have always wanted to have a real tree at christmas. Maybe because all the chritmas movie's. You see families going out to buy the perfect Real tree.

But I never like the thought of the tree(s) being cut down. After all the tree(s) have been growing a year or more. No wait if I remember right from what I watched at christmas it takes  a (christmas) tree about 10 years to grow from seed until it is ready to be sold. 

Also the thought of after christmas having to throw it out I mean get it recycle. I noticed that my local council was offering a real Christmas tree collection service. But still I noticed tree's dumped on the side of the road.

A few year's ago it was and still is popular to have a tree in a pot. Maybe Chrismtmas tree in a pot as been about for years. But have only become more popular just recently.

About the last two years I have been planning and keep going on about getting a (christmas) tree in a pot for my garden. So the second week of December (2011) I went down to Groves in Briport to buy myself a tree.

I bought a Abies Nordmanniana or Nordman Fir the picture below is how it looks now.

The tree looks much better than it dose in this picture, honest!

My Gold

At the start of September (2011) I did my order at Suttons for Crocus Saffron Sativus and camomile. I got the Saffron for £2.95 for 30 bulbs instead of £9.95...  I first found out that you could grow Saffron in this country after James Wong visited a UK Saffron grower in his programme Grow Your Own Drugs or Backyard Medicine (as it is known as over seas).
I had to wait til the last week of September for my bulbs and camomile seeds to arrive.

So on the 4th Oct (2011) I planted the Saffron.  After a very long wait about three weeks green shoots started to appear.  I was hoping and praying that I would get an harvest.. But I kind of knew that I might not, Self nout I think!

I ended up never getting a single flower. :(  But I did have fun stopping one of my cat's from eating it. Mistaken the saffron as grass.  So out came the green canes and string.

I know this dose not look so great now.  But I do know that the green leaves of the Saffron dies back in April.  The Saffron bulbs go dormant until Autumn/Fall when life appearance's. 

Since the picture above I noticed the green leaves have started to go brown.  So I have removed the canes plus string and popped a seed tray on top.  So the cat's can not get to the leaves.

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  1. Great idea about growing your own christmas tree, you'll have it for a long time and even see it get bigger through the years. Hopefully you'll get lots of bloom on your Saffron next year. It'll be worth the wait :)