Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day Gift

Around the 27th February I started to think about Mother's Day, and what was I going get my mum.

For the last three years or more my mum has wanted a Rosa called Patricia. (Patricia is my mum's name) So for the last three years or more I have been busy trying to get the rose for her.  But I had not succeed until now!

I started off searching online for the plant like I did before in the past. But this time I found three nurseies that said they had the Rosa Patricia on their website.  So I emailed all three, to find out if the rose was in stock.  Two emailed back to say "sorry we do not have the 'Patricia' in stock. 

I was at the last straw, until I had an email back from the team at Wych Cross Nursey.  The Wych Cross Nursery had the 'Patricia' rose in stock.  So on the Tuesday 6th March I did my order for the rose. About 5mins later I had my email from Wych Cross to confirm they had my order.  The following day (7th) the nursery emailed me to say they had sent out the plant and should be with me in the next 24hrs.

So the next day (8th) I went to work like I normally do. While I was there I was hoping and praying I would be home for when the rose was deliverd.  But once I had finished and left the building, I phoned home just to say I was on my way. To be told that there was a box in the living room with my name on it from some garden centre. 

Once I had got home, I opened up the box took out the leafets. Then I popped it outside and secertly took off the name tag.  I had to take the name tag off just in case mum tryed to see what the name was. The days that followed the rose grew and my mum kept asking questions about it. I Knew she kind off knew, you can never get much past her. :-)

Sunday 18th March
The picture above was took today and  I got told I shouldn't of and it must of been a lot of money. Every year I get told I shouldn't have, but do I listen... no!

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