Monday, 21 May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show 2011

Sorry I know I'm at it again!  I meant to get this finished and posted a week after Chelsea last year! But as you all can guess work and family stuff got in the way.

Can you believe it is a year since last year Chelsea Flower Show.... I can not believe how time fly's!  Has you all know by now,  to me one of the best week of the year is the Chelsea Flower show. But last year again I could not get the time off work.  Has I had only started my new job eight weeks before, and there was rules to follow. 

So once again I would like to say thank you to the BBC and to Alan Titchmarsh and the team for a wonderfull coverage.

So here are some of my fave gardens!

B&Q Garden 

Designer:   Patrick Collins & Laurie Chetwood
Won:        Gold

I have to confess this garden was not my fave on how it looked. It was because of the bug hotel. If I remember right half way thought the week. It was reported that the hotel was full of life, of bug's coming and going.  But I can not remember what happen to the bug hotel after Chelsea...  Maybe it was was broke up into cubes and dotted them across the country at school's!!  If so please let me know?

The Art Of Yorkshire

Designer's:  Gillespies
Won:         Sliver

The Art Of Yorkshire was one of the only Artisan garden's I really liked and still do - one year on!

The garden was a celebration of Yorkshire art and landscapes thorough the eyes of an artist, Artist's like David Hockney. 

I loved every part of the garden. But especially how the eye is drawn to the frame on the easel.

A Monaco Garden 

Sponsored by: Principality of
Designer's:   Sarah Eberle
Won:          Gold

The garden illustrates the interaction between architecture and landscape that characterises Monaco's spectacular scenery.
To be honest I still can not make up my mind on what I love about this garden.. Hang-on a mo... I think I might just love all of it.  Well okay apart from the one plant that is planted on the top, Lavender... Some of you will know that Im allergic to the plant. :( Which is not good!

The HESCO Garden

Designer's: Leeds City Council
Won:        Gold

The garden was designed to draw attention to the importance of water power in the industrial evolution of Leeds.

Another fantastic garden from the Leeds City Council and HESCO. 
When I first saw this garden on the BBC coverage, I fell in love.  I love the watermill and all that surrounding area.

The Tourism Malaysia Garden

Sponsored by:   Tourism Malaysia
Designer's:     Amphibian Designs - James Wong & David Cubero
Won:            Gold

I'm at it again, keeping the best til last!  Just like 2010,  I first saw the plans for the Tourism Malaysia garden on the Amphibian designs website.  Yep as you guess, I loved the plan's for the garden.

Thorough out the build of the garden I was following the up-date's from James on twitter and then the update's stopped. So I knew the garden must of been near enough completed.  I knew I had to waited patiently for the BBC coverage to start, which can I say I could not wait. 

Then at last Chelsea week was here and the BBC started their coverage.  I'm sorry to say at first I was un-sure I liked the garden.  But as the week went on and I saw the garden from different angles.  I fall in love, especial once I saw the sunken pavilion, I was like wow! Even my mum loved this part of the garden. Which some times it can take alot to impress her!

It was my day off when it was announced David and James had won gold! I was so happy that they had won gold again!  Also I remember hearing that the plant's from the garden was going down to Paignton Zoo . Also my local news cover that the plant were going down to the Zoo.

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  1. The gardens last year looked superb! Saw it all on TV of course but there are plenty of inspirational ideas going on there :)