Saturday, 2 June 2012

Plant Marathon!

Over ten week ago I sowed Impatiens, Lobelia's, Petunia's, Nastrutras, just to name a few.
I popped them in my propagater's and  first time ever popped them in my greenhouse, because I sowed too many.  I noramlly put them on my bedroom windowsill.  Then the frost came and like most of us have found, it kill off any chance of life! :(

RIP Seeds/Seedlings

So yesterday (23rd May) I decided and I am a shamed to say. Today (24th May) I went and bought some plants and some more compost, has I knew I won't have enough.

Here is the list of plants below.

  1. Geranium's Mixed
  2. French Marigold's Mixed
  3. Celosia
  4. Petunia's Mixed
  5. Lobelia - Regatta Mixed
  6. Lobelia - Trailing Mix
  7. Impatiens - Chelsea
  8. Nicotana - Mixed
So after getting the plants and try to find local Honey (which I think needs to be another post!).  I came home which was at 12o'clock and set to work. Emptying the pot's on the wall's, cleaning them out. Pot up plants that decided to start growing where you don't want them.  But I still want to keep them, to see what they turn into.

Oh and kill the slugs and snails, the old fashion way with the beer. I use an old drink bottle with a drop of old (out-of-date) beer. When I see a snail/slug I un-do the lid and pop/drop the snail/slug in. I don't seem to have many in the garden anymore! 

Once I had sorted every think out, I started to pot up all the pot's on the wall's, then I moved on to the two black pot's and potted them up well. 

A couple of weeks ago my uncle gave me three pots of Cosmos and a pot of Lavateria that he had luckily growed from seed.  I found my big green tub left from my rose's, to use.  So I popped in some stones for dainage and fill the tub of soil!

I spilt the Lavateria up into four peices and planted that to the back, then I popped in the Cosmos's and nictiana's. What every I had left over I put in the pot too......

Here are the picture's I took these yesterday morning!!!

I love this one!

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