Monday, 11 June 2012

Tom and the Potato's

On the 23rd March (2012) I sowed my Chocolate tomato seeds, that I had collected from last year tomatos.  At first I was not sure if they would spout or not!  So on 28th March (2012) I was exticed to see little baby seedling had come up.

A week later I took them out doors to to plant up for the first time in little white cup's.
Then on the 14th of May I planted the tomato's up in those black pot's from Morrisons (Supermarket) eight for 99p.

Like I have said over and over again in other blog post's, we have had frost and cold weather.
So the tomato's have not done so well.

This is how they look today (11 June)

I am hoping they will pick up soon, I'm giving them food every day just to get them going.


For a long time now I have been dying to grow my own Potato's. 
So this year I decided to get some seed potato's to grow, I got 'Charlotte'.

I had some empty tub's, so I put some kitchen roll in and placed the seed potato's in the tub's.
About three weeks went pass and the seed potato's had chitted.  So on the 4th Of May I took the chitted potato's out and planted them up.  A week later little green leaves appeared, I put some more compost on top. Then so on as the leaves came up, til they got to the top.

This is how the Potato's look today (11th June)

I will keep you all posted on how I get on with the potato's and tomato's.

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