Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Move

On the 11th of March I (and like other's) woke up to find snow!  But trust me it was not going to stop me from doing what I had planned to do in the garden.

A few week's ago I decided to get rid of my old lil greenhouse as it was falling apart.  I can honestly say 'I did try to save it'.  So My brother took it to the recycling part of the local tip.  I made sure he took it to the right place..... 

So with the old greenhouse out of the way, I had a lil bit more space to move things around!

I have to say I have not moved to much.  But just moved over the Yellow Cape Fuchsia phygelius aequalis, hydrangea and Rhododendron round.  Just so there is air and light getting into were it need to be! 

with a little bit of spring - daff's!

I am also trying to re-design some area's too! Not sure how it will turn out........ Only time will tell! 

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  1. Good luck with the redesign of the new area! Happy Spring!