Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Can you believe it is (Chelsea 2013) that time of year again? How time flys!

I can just about imagine how and what it is like for the designer's. . . . Well okay maybe not!!!!
But I can say I kind of know as I had a go at the One Show Garden Design competition! Okay still maybe not... 

Anyway. . . . .

Like the last few year's I have not been able to go, the same was for 2012. One day I will get there, I know each year I say ' I will go to Chelsea next year'.  But so far I have not got there - but I do know one day I will!!!! (Sorry if I rabbit on sometimes) 

Before I tell you all my favourite garden's. I do need to say once again Thank You to the BBC coverage to Alan Titchmarsh and co....

I know I do not normally mention about the Great Pavilion.  But some of the exthilbets had really caught my eye.

So Here Is My Favourite's 

Birmingham In Bloom

Designers:Birmingham City Council
Won: Gold 
Location: The Great Pavilion 

O.m.g!!!!! When I saw this for the first time I loved it.  Every think about it from the mini to the Jewel Quarter and the canal's.  To name just a few part's of the garden.  I suppose I am proud of the fact that I am half Brummie.  My family comes from the Jewel Quarter and they was also canal people!

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical - From Thailand

Won: Gold
Location:  The Great Pavilion 
Web site Nong Nooch Garden

I think you can see from the picture why I love this so much..

Also Did You Know: Nong Nooch used 80.000 Orchid's (Source BBC Chelsea Coverage)

Now out of the Great Pavilion and down to the show and smaller garden's. 

Plant Explorer's Garden

Designer: Karolina Terejak and SAE Students

Won: Gold

I though how cool this garden was with it's

little office for planning stuff and a sweet greenhouse for growing plant's! 

I also love this too!!

Furnzy Garden

Designers:  Chris Beardshaw
Won:  Gold

I dont think I need to say much about this garden.. Apart from I fell in love with the little thatch building (I love traditional crafts and I believe that they should be kept alive!) Also I loved the adorable planting - finally  Rhododendrons at Chelsea...

Trailfinder Australian

Designer:  Jason Hodges

Won: Silver Gilt 

I was looking forward to seeing these guys and they delivered an - what I would say us Brit's would think of Australian garden to be, with a hot-tub and barque and planted with sub-tropical and native Australia plants! 

Quiet Time: DMZ Forbidden

Designer: Jihac Hwang
Won: Gold
Located: Main Avenue 

I will confess at first I did not like this garden at all. But as the week went on I grew to like it.
I surpose I did not like the garden due to the bullet's and bar-wire, all the sign's of war.  But once I got over that, I could see the beauty it had with in the garden.

HomeBase Teenage cancer Trust

Designer: Joe Swift
Won:  Gold

Wow! What can I say Joe Swift's Teenage Cancer Trust Garden. . .
Is beautiful in every way. I love the curve's of the wall's with the openings in them.. Also how the planting draws your eyes up and through the garden! 

Also I have not wrote about how I loved the Japanese garden too.....
This year in 2013 I'm so looking forward to BBC coverage of 100 years of Chelsea!

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