Thursday, 22 August 2013

August Update!!!

Fuchsia Heaven

Last year I wrote about how I sorted out the Green tub.  That once had rose's in - the rose's that was in the tub had die!  Also last year told I you about my new adventure with the Oca (which I'll tell you all about how I got on in my Homegrown updates!) I also got Fuchsia's too.

A little remind of what I did last year (2012).   I sorted the soil out and top it up with new.  Then I planted the tub up with Cosmos's and Lavatera that my uncle had grown and gave to me.  I put some of the fuchsia's in the tub, but most of them went into pots on the walls. I had some petunia's and lobelia's left from planting the other pot up...

Then the winter came so out I went to move the fuchsia's into the greenhouse.


Back to the green tub. . . . 

Came late spring (2013) I had planter every think up, apart from the green tub. I decided to plant all my nine fuchsia's in the centre of the tub along with two Lavatera ( that I saved from work)  I also went to B&Q to see what I could find or maybe save! I came back with a lovely Cosmos.


The French one with a Italian side!

I remember when I was little in our old garden, one plant that we had stays stuck in my mind was/is the Lavender!  Then we moved and in my teens I learnt I was allergy to the plant I loved so much as a child. 

At the time I was sadden to learn I could not use any of my Lavender stuff any more... Then I later found out my mum is also allergy to lavender... 

But not all is losted... I asked my mum about which lavender we had in the garden when I was small, at first she could not remember. Then when we were visited Mapperton Gardens.  We discovered that there was English and French Lavender there... We also learnt that it was the French Lavender that we were okay with..... Bingo! :-) 

That was years ago.... About 7 years!  Since then I have put the quest on the back burn, until now!

In June this year (2013) I started the search again, I knew were I was going to put the lavender if I could get one.   So the search was on, I tryed every where. I even contacted a Lavender specialise, who reply with bad news of they had sold out....  

So I was back to square one again,  until July when I was looking for plant to buy. Or should I say save, anyway - I found what I was looking for! :-) 

Once I got him home and gave a good drink I planted him up.  I have put the Lavender in the pot on the wall by my little greenhouse.

As you can see the lavender is loving his new home and so far I have had two lots of flowers...
Ah yes the Italian side well.  To my surprise the lavender was grown in Italy, I really thought it would be grown in France or England, How wrong was I? 

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