Monday, 22 July 2013

Heat wave Update!

Sorry everyone - who read's this. I am a shamed to say I have had writers block! I think it is also the reason why my post's have not been so good, well maybe it's just me..  Also my internet is not so brillant at the moment!

So while it is the hottest part of the day outdoor's. I am indoors hopefully updating
every think. From twitter to this my blog's and now I have a facebook page too! 

Okay here goes. . . . . . . 

Bee Heaven

Do not worry it is not as bad as it sound's. Back in May I told you about the trouble I had the year before on finding local honey (the mission of a local bee) and how I learnt how bad of a decline there was/is on the honey bee. (please's note all bee's in general) 


So I planned to grow as much Bee and Butterfly friendly plants/flowers. I also knew I would end up buying some plant's in to replaces the ones that didn't do well.  I normally buy some plant's anyway - I think we all do! 

Anyway I started off okay. . .
I sowed heap's of seed's I got free from Amateur Gardening Magazine! Well when I say heap's that's what it felt like to my family.  I normally only place my seed tray's in my room on the window sill, but this time I took over other places in the house.....  After about seven to fourteen day's I had little seedling's appearing, then they slowed right down on growing! 

In late June I ended up putting them out in the greenhouse. Which by then I started to hope and pray the little plants would decided to grow more. . . .   

So once again I end up buying in plant's, Well I say buying in I should say saving plant's. 
I can not get over how place's (not garden centre or nurseries) how other places that sell plants do not look after them... Anyway I ended up at one of those places a warehouse place out of town a little.  So I grabbed a load, payed and went home.  Once I got home I gave them all a good soaking and then planted them up.....

The bee's and butterfly's are busy coming and going.  There is so many little bumble bee's white bum ones and red.. But no honey bee's :( 

It is now mid July and the plants in the greenhouse are starting to buck up their ideas. . . I think time will tell.. Watch this space!!!

Summer Workout

The next day after sorting the NZ Flax Phormium out.  I wanted to move the barbecue up and move the plants round. 

Up the top end of the garden I moved the rhododendron,  hydrangea, and Saint John's Wort out into the center of the garden.  Then I got the garden brush to start sweeping, also I moved the barbecue out slightly, so I could get in behind and clear. 

Once I had done the sweeping, I moved the rhododendron back and moved the barbecue up next to it.  I then moved the hydrangea and the black box that it sits on to the other side of the barbecue, with the Saint John. 

After doing that it was time for a cuppa, then back to the fun outside again..........

This time I wanted to sorted out the water feature, that looks like an old water plump.. It use to have running water but the plump that was in the bucket part broke years ago. So I have been just filling it up with water as and when it is needed.  But now and then (you guess right) the water would go green, which is not good  because our cats love drinking from there.  So I needed to do some think about that.  

I tip the water out and cleaned out all the green stuff from the bottom.. (I shouldn't confess but I do like doing this job)  

While I was finishing cleaning out the water feature before I filled it up again, I decided I wanted to place a plant in the corner and then the water feature... While I was filling up the feature I decided to put the Astilbe in the corner.

The Rose

Next to the water feature,  I have a trelis/planter with black round pots placed inside.  Planted up with Passion Flower (which I'm not sure what's happen as I have never had a single flower yet! ). A long with the passion flower there is Morning Glory and Beeisum name just a few.

Last year I bought  my mum for Mother's day a rose called Patricia .  Which is my mom's name... Since then I have been trying to find a prefect pot for it....  Until I had a re-think and decided to take a un-used black and re-pot the Rosa Patricia up, in that for now. 

Once I had potted up the rose I wanted to put some think around the plant..  Lucky enough I had bought some black glass stones a few weeks before... So I popped them around the rose!  

Its not a very good picture but you can see the flower! 

Please let me know what you think? 

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