Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Winter tidy up

Normally at the end of October I start sorting the garden out, just before winter kicks in! Well last year I just couldn't do that due to the fact EVERY was still flowering, I'm not complaining. It was due to the fact that I am so use to doing my thing at certain times of the year. So for the very first time everythink was still flowering and fruit was still being products!

So I just kepted to my other thing I do. To let the garden do what it wants, let nature taking its course kind of thing. Everythink was still flowering November, I was still get tomallios and cucamelons. Then December came and January everythink was still going. Apart from the Oca, tomallios and cucamelons which had long gone.

I was and friends of mine couldn't believe how all my flowers were still going, I think they were secretly jealous.
Anyway, if you have been following the UK weather just lately you will know how crazy its been, the last storm finally kick started the shut down mode for every think in the garden.

Finally on the 16th February was the first day in weeks I have had chance to get outdoors and the sun was finally out, it was more like an OMG the sun is out! 

Anyway I started with sorting out my famous black buckets and other pots. I have saved half of the soil I used from last year. The rest I had to bag up as it had some little things that looks a bit like some kind of larvae!

I'm not sure if I have wrote about the trouble I have had with one of my rhododendron.. The leaves had gone weird and they were being eaten.. So after having a long think I decided it had to go.

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