Sunday, 16 March 2014

Spring Is Here!!!

I do not normally do this, but I thought for a change I'll do a post with just pictures.. Okay not just pictures I'll end up writing stuff, I know what I'm like! Lol..

This little flower as been flowering on and off since I planted it last year.

Camellia Sinensis
I have had this little tea yep its a tea plant a few years now. Got him/her for my birthday one year! 
I'm yet to work out were to plant him.

Isn't it just beautiful when the daffodil's come out,
spring is here! 

Has you can in the front of the picture my hydrangea is coming back to life. With the Saint John's Wort, just behind.

I'm not sure if you can truly see but
 the Sea Pink is just coming out in flower.

I'm so glad my only surviving Rhodendron, is starting to bloom. 

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