Monday, 7 April 2014


Last month I wrote about joining 'Loose and Leafy' quest of a Tree Follow.

If you haven't read my own little quest please find the tab at the top of the page called ' Grandmother's Tree'...

Not a lot as happen to grandmother's tree during mid March. . . . 

All the other tree's in the park came into blossom. The sight is a beautiful one to say the lease. The different shades of pinks. . .

Last of the flowering cherry blossom!

But grandmother's tree was just sat waiting!!  I know grandmothers tree is a little late flowering. So I don't mind as long as the tree comes into life at some point!

Until the last week of March when I noticed while walking past, there is buds forming!!!

Has you can see the tree is coming into life!!
Which I am very excited about, sad I know...

I would love to know what you think? Or if you know 
what my tree is? 

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