Monday, 12 May 2014


April was another slow month, every time I wonder past my Grandmothers tree. All it seem to be doing was sitting there minding its own business!!!

Then all of a sudden, boom..... Leave's appeared!!!!
I tried a few times to get picture's of the tree with leaves. I had the weather against me. Every time I tried to get pix's it started off nice and then started to rain or it was nice and I was at work! So I failed terribly... :-( 

So I went yesterday to see my grandmothers tree as it was my day off and outside was beautiful okay a bit blowny as well. Got to the little park, to find Grandmothers tree was in Bloom! 

I even notice how the little plants from around the basic of the tree have perked up nicely!!

I just love how the council gardeners have lefted them where they are.... I know some would be class as weeds. But to me a weed is just a plant in the wrong place.. As you might guess I believe they are pretty where they are!

Before I forget I got a picture of the blossom, if that's what you can call it!

Now I have the task of trying to find out what my Grandmother's tree is!

If you may know please leave a comment at the bottom of the page. Or via Facebook and twitter, link is on the side of the page!

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  1. Maybe what the tree is will become clearer when there are seeds or fruit on it?