Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wilf and Alice

I have just got back from Galton Garden Centre. Which is part of the Gardening Club! I went with my mum just to have a look. To get some ideas and that.... But it is lethal I always end up leaving with more than I wanted! 

This is what I ended up leaving with...

I bought two strawberry plants called Alice!

Since planting my Alpine strawberries up in a window box on the wall, that I have grown from seed!  I decided I wanted some normal size Strawberry's.
Plus I don't really want to rely on the supermarkets

This is how they look now. 

Then I went into the shop part of the centre. The place as a cafe, kids area and the Edinburgh Woollen Mill

Anyway while I was in the garden shop I met a guy called Wilf, I fell head over heels in love... He is know as Woodland Wilf to his friends. . . . laugh out loud! 

Wilf as heaps of hobbies and REALLY knows how to charm the lady's!

I have also seen a few more thing's I want to get.  But I will have to wait til pay day! 

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