Friday, 27 June 2014


Over the past year I have been thinking should I keep the New Zealand Flax. Or should I get rid of it! 

I decided to in the end get rid. It was a hard choice to make. But now I'm glad I decided to get rid! Has the flax got to big.. 

When I say get rid I wanted to give the NZ Flax away! A friend wanted the flax and then another was interested in having it.  But no one got back to me.. 

So today I cut the flax down. Now I have cut down the New Zealand Flax down..  Oddly enough I have new ideas and plan's the garden?

Watch this space!!! 

The picture below is how the flax look's now.... 

The cat in the picture is Maple.

Has you can see I have left a bit for me to remove at a later date!

But for now I am going to leave the flax stump (can I call it that?) and plant the pot up!

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