Sunday, 15 June 2014

Home grown

Back in March I wrote about sowing a load of seeds..

Well this is how I got on.

Firstly I'm going to have to confess, I did a little (what I call) top up shop........

Here's my small list.

Petunia mix's x100
Stocks x8
Dahlias x6 (I'm in love with dahlias since seeing     them on Chelsea one year)
Verbena x8 (I know I'm growing some, these are just in case)
Salvia x6
And a Yellow winter Jasmine

Just a tiny shop of plants I'm a shamed to say! I only got them to fill in the blank spaces..... (You'll see what I mean in a moment)

From the list that I sowed only these grew..

Sunflowers - moonshine and Velvet shine
Portulaca (these are tiny so they are still in the greenhouse)

Has you can see not a lot grew so that's my reason to go shopping..

This is how my flower boxes and garden look now..

In the next few weeks I'll be sowing the next phase..

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