Thursday, 14 August 2014

Sad times..

I was yesterday on target for being within the 
deadline for 'Looseandleafy' #treefollowing . .  
Then My family received some sad news. 

That a relative - one of my aunts had passed away!
Totally out of the blue...

So this is why I have not wrote a post for July..

I hope you can all understand?

I am glad she knew about my #treefollowing of her mothers tree... Also I am glad I told her I had learnt what it was.

I will tell you all very soon! 


  1. Sorry to hear that Em, thoughts are with you x

  2. I'm glad you told her you are following your Grandmother's tree - and hope she found it specially delightful and encouraging. Hope you are ok. Grief is part of life but hard too.