Saturday, 6 September 2014

Winding Down!

It is that time of year again.... Time to tidy up, clear out and reflected on the year so far!!!

Where has this year gone too?

Well so far this year I have not done so well in growing fruit and Vegetables....

I got a small harvest of carrots and salad (spring) onions and tomato's also salad! I am still waiting on the spouts and cucamelons.. But everythink else was a disaster... Please do not ask!!!

The picture above was my first tiny harvest this year!

But now I have cleared everything away. It is time to start sorting the garden out for next year!

I know between now and till the spring I have to repaint the walls and move things round....  Also I need to work on what I am growing and defo not growing again!

Time will tell...

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