Monday, 13 October 2014

Autumn tidy!

My local council gardening team have been in and tidyed up the whole garden.....


Looks rather nice I have to say...

The Prunus Padus Grandiflora aka Grandmother's tree has also had a tidy up....

Its another wet day here. 13/10/14

I have also worked out what some of the plants were, that was growing around the base and taking over.

The tall green leaf plant was Bindweed Calystegia Sepium.  The bindweed was also growing in the hedge of the garden.

I also noticed the hedge across the road too. Had the bindweed growing in amongst the hedge.

The other plant was the orange little flowers plant.. 
After a bit of studying I believe that orange flowered plant was African Daisy Osteospermum.

By the gate! 13/10/14

I have noticed one of the African Daisy's have survived the local gardening team. Which I am so glad one has!

I see there is a weed growing as well! 13/10/14

This little one is showing 'No Matter What life flows at us. . . We should NEVER give up'


Somethink else I noticed around the end of August  and I thought I had mention it as well. Grandmother's tree had fruit on. (Please note not edible) 

Not the best picture in the world I know..

It will be interesting to say the lease, what will happen the coming months.. Only time will tell!



  1. This is a really delightful tree following. Very gentle.

  2. Lovely little tree, and the gardens look nice all tidied up.