Friday, 12 September 2014

Found You

I think for the first time in a while. I have made the deadline for 'Looseandleafy' #treefollowing . .

Last month I was in the middle of writing this post. When I and the rest of my family received some bad news..  Don't worry I won't keep on about it! 

On a happier note I have so exciting news... Yay!!

Believe I have found out what my grandmothers tree is. With help from The One Show gardener Christine Walkden and Chris Beardshaw. You can find Chris presenting on Beechgrove Garden.. But for me and rest of you will best know Christina and Chris for appearing in our favourite gardening magazines or being at RHS Shows the list goes on!

So I sent some pictures of the tree to them. Both Christina and Chris reply back to say the tree look's like..

Prunus Padus Grandiflora

I am a bit old school, as I always try and look in my gardening reference's books before I go online..  But I think this time I was over looking as I couldn't at the time find what I was looking.... 

In the end I ended up on the internet....  I looked at the pictures on google and I then I went on to the RHS website.  Grandmothers defo looks like a Prunus Padus Grandiflora

Sorry there isn't any pictures this month! 

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  1. That's interesting. A great way to find out what your Grandmother's tree is. Don't worry about no pictures this time. With a name now we can go internet hunting.