Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What is going on?

Round about the 25th of last month I noticed the local council gardening team was up to some think...

Then a few days later while I was walking home.  I had a nasty shock, the gardening team had removed all the wire fencing.  The place looks a complete mess..

The Saint John's Gardens do not look that bad  from the picture above. Right?

It is only when you get up close and have a good look you see how bad the gardens look.

The three pictures below you will see what I mean.  They have ripped up the all the shrubs and bush's, some roses too! 

Very sad to see

I am trying my best to find out what is going on!
Will find out and update you all!!

Selfie with tree!

Not a lot is happening to my Grandmother's tree.  Every time I go I look to see what's new or if any new plants at the base or any scary spiders moved in... But nothink!!

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