Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Blooming good!

Remember last month I wrote about how the local council gardening team had nearly destroyed the park garden or aka Saint Johns Gardens! 

Last month!

I wrote how I was worried about how and what they were doing or going to be doing to the gardens...  

Putting my worry's and fears to one side now.  Has I have some very happy news. . . The local gardeners have put a basic wooden fence up. Not very completed in places. But better than nothink - right? 

Has you can see the other trees in the park are all in bloom! Only down side is the boarders were the fence goes into are now empty, I just hope that they the gardening team puts some shrub's in at a later date!

I do like how the gardening team have used railway sleepers in one of the corners. 

Back to my grandmother's tree.  At a glance the tree looks like it's doing no think. 

It is only when I got up close and personal I saw in fact that the tree is in bud!

Before I finish this post I have been looking back on my #treefollow journey. I can not quite believe its been a year since I joined!!  I know for sure I will keep this #treefollowing going..

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