Saturday, 13 June 2015


I wrote this down on the 6/6/15, but before I could upload and post this I caught a virus that knock the stuffing out of me.. Today is the first day I have felt well enough to post this!

Wow, I can not believe how fast the #treefollows come round. . .  I am not complaining honestly.

Yesterday (5/6/15)  while walking home in the evening I popped into the gardens to see my tree.

I can not quite believe it was 7:45pm in the evening and how it was still daylight.. 

So while I was there checking to see what had changed or not. I got asked by a lady who was walking her dog what was I upto? I explained the tree was for my grandmother and that I write about the tree in a monthly #treefollow. The lady said that the #treefollow sounded interesting, she smiled and carried on walking around the park with her dog.  I then carried on what I was doing taking notes and photos. 

So I checked the leaves to see if someone had been nubbling them, from what I can see no one as been.

Some think I had noticed when walking into the park the blossom had gone. So next I checked to see if there was any berries forming? And look berries!

Then before I left the park I noticed someone else was coming to see me... 

I was so happy to see the little ladybird.. They are one of my favourite garden friends.

Just look she (could be a he) is a two spotted!

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