Saturday, 1 August 2015

Going Wild

I think I have said before how my little garden becomes a jungle during the summer.  It is normal down to how much I grow. From tomato's, to beans, yams and cucamelons, the list goes on...

But this year I have failed, to spend time in the garden. I have grown sweet peas, wild flowers and garlic. My garlic is a bit behind, maybe about six weeks or more. I'm still waiting and praying for the scapes to appear!

I got my garlic bulbs 30 for £9.99 (please keep in mind price may change) from South West Garlic Farm base here in Dorset. Mark and his family is well known for their Black Garlic!

Which by the way I have tried and wow the garlic its self doesn't taste like the white blub garlic that you get in the supermarkets. How can I described it, hmmm, to me the black garlic as a kind of sweet taste to it!

You need to try it to see what I mean! So back to the garden.... 

Remember the Christmas tree I bought from Groves at Bridport about two years ago or more.. Well I finally found a nice pot to pot it up in back in April.  I also bought a couple more of the same pot. To pot up two other plants I just wished I got more now. I used one of the pots to pot up the rose I bought for my mum on mother's day a few years back ' Rhapsody In Blue' also from Groves at Bridport.

Plus two years ago my mum bought me a tea plant, I'm ashamed to say its took till April this year to find the right pot! 

The tea plant is the one closes to us with the bee in and the rose Rhapsody in Blue is in the pot behind.

Has you can see it is wild were the tree is!

So Ive named this post as 'Going Wild' well... I have a buddleia that appeared, I think I have wrote about it before now. Anyway I thought I was on top of it, keeping the buddleia under control. Then last month I was not to good with my health.  So I think the plant had decided to go completely wild. I know people call it a weed, an unloved plant.  But I have always like  the buddleia since I was little. I have fond memories of walking to school in the summer and looking forward to seeing the buddleia to see what bees or butterflies was on it. Has I walked past on my way to and from my little primary school..

This is how my one looks it towers over me!

This one is from my kitchen window.

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