Friday, 22 July 2016

Having a off spell

Back in May I wrote about my plan to use up most or all of my seed stash.

I started off well, then one night while I was at work on my break I got a call from my mum to say the garden is covered with snails and slugs. 
I was horrified to hear that!

So I ordered nemaslug and two days after it arrived I made the formula up and watered my garden. 

Then that night and the next few nights I was out collecting them up in a 5ltr clear empty water bottle. 

At one point it creeped me out.... 

So as you can guess they ate everythink I grew from seed. I was so heartbroken, I think I must be still.

So today is Friday 22nd of July and I have hit a all time low, fed up with how the garden looks..

I'm seriously hoping I snap out of it soon..
Only time will tell. 

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