Monday, 12 September 2016

Nature showing the way

In my last post I wrote how I had hit a brick wall, lost my gardening mojo. Down to the fact slugs and snails had ate everythink even the stuff I grew from seed.

I started to give up on my passion in life.
Just like I did when I was fourteen years old, which made me very much sad.

Then somethink beautiful happened - nature.
Nature took complete over and I didn't really mind either... 

Nature shown me to not give up, not even to give up on your dreams.

This is how the well nature took over.


My Aloe Vera's in my mini greenhouse that is falling to pieces slowly.

I am amazed how well the Rhapsody in Blue has done this year... If your wondering where I got it from here is the link - 

I'm not happy about the rose I bought from local Morrison's store. The rose I bought was the Queen Elizabeth Rose for £5.00 , but to me it looks like the rose as died, actually when I planted it there was not much of a root on it either.

My little tea plant!

Next post will be how I have saved a tomato plant..

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