Wednesday, 2 August 2017

How the garden looks!

It as been a while since I've written anythink. To be honest my life if up in air at the moment.  That much so I have let the garden do what it want's.

I have even let every single weed or should I say miss placed plants. Yes there is dandelions!

You may have noticed the buddleia is no longer. Like we are all told buddleias will take over.  Well it's true, the buddleia started to take over the garden.  Which isn't good for my little garden.


  1. Very pretty. Dandelions are among my favourite plants. I think they may even be my very favouritest. (Will you be doing a new tree post?)

  2. Really lovely photos. I like your Nigella seedheads. I don't blame you saying goodbye to the buddleia.