Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Grandmother's Tree #TreeFollowing

It as been a while since I have done an updates on my grandmother's tree.

Before I start I best say I can not promise I will do a post every single month.

So like I have said in the past, nearly every day I walk or drive past my grandmother's tree. In some ways you could say I've been #treefollowing.
I do have to report back to family.

Back in May I noticed how my tree had started to blossom, by the 11th the tree was in full bloom... Then on the 14th of June I noticed my tree had lost its blossom.

I'm not completely sure if you can see from the pictures that there is fruit, little berries that looks like blueberries. 
Please note they are not edible of course.

I'll finish off here till next time.

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  1. I'll be specially interested to to see how your tree fares now I've moved to Halifax. Your posts will be a link to my old home.