Wednesday, 27 April 2011

My Adventure With The Goji Berry / Wolfberry

I first heard of goji berries on ethnobotanist James Wong program Grow Your Own drugs or Backyard Medicine
(as it is known overseas)

I searched high and low to find them. It was only when I went shopping in Tesco (Please note Tesco don't sell them anymore) I came across them. Yep I got hooked!!!

I even looked at garden centers and nurseries, to have a plant in the garden. But I weren't happy about the price, anythink from £6.95 to £9.99

So last year I set myself a challenge.
To grow one from seed.

I was told goji are hard to grow. But I know for a
fact: Goji berries grow in the South Of England.

On the 4th of March, I sowed some seeds I had gather. Within a week germination happen. 

Picture of one of the pot's

It weren't long til I had to pick out the best. I moved only three to my little propagator.

Two of them shot up really well.

On the 12th April I enjoyed potting them up.

This is how there looked on the 19th April.

I took this picture today.. Look how well my little goji's are doing!!

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