Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tom's and Straw & Co...

On the 9th April, I spent the day outside. Emptying pots and sowing seeds. I bought a day before.

List below.
Lettuce - May Queen
Lettuce - Lollo Rollo

By the 20th, little seedlings had appeared.
So far only the May Queen Lettuce and Rocket as come up.
Still waiting for the Lollo Rollo to appear.

Picture's below...

The black pot is the Lettuce and the red pot is the rocket. 

I also got seed discs to try. From Morrisons and again I werent to sure they would grow.

picture below

 I cut them into slices of pie and put them into
two of the pot on the wall.
Three days ago the Tomato's Tiny Tim appeared.

Picture below...

But I am still waiting for the strawberry to apear.
I will let you all know as soon as they apear.


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