Saturday, 14 May 2011

The garden visit!!

Sorry I know it not a good picture :(
Last year for the first time, I started getting
a mummy Blackbird visiting the garden.
She also raise her young near to the house.

Which I was a little worried about
her and her offspring.
As there is a lot of cats that live around here.

I wondered if she would come back this year.
Because I knew she had lost some of her babies.
But like what my Brother would say "its the circle of life"

Sorry I know not very good picture again!

I was so happy when about two months ago she came back.
To raise another lot of babies.

This year mummy and daddy blackbird as been bring their babies
into my garden.. Those little one's have been flying
into the pots on the wall, and sitting in between
the Tomato plants.

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