Saturday, 14 May 2011

The work out!!!!!

The past few days I've been busy planting up the flowers
I've grown from seed.
Sorting out the water feature and
making up my mind about the peacock wicker chair.

List Of Plants I've grown
French Marigold
Impatiens - Mixed and Wedgewood Mixed
Lobelia - Trailing
 Petunia - Mixed and
Frenzy Mixed

I planted up the pot's on the wall and had some left.
So I potted the rest up in six pot's. I weren't to sure where 
to put them. So I put them on the floor.

Tall sliver plant is curry.

In this pot I put a curry plant in as well......
Please note: you CAN NOT Eat this plant..
Like we are made to believe from
garden centre's and nurseries...

While still working out what to do with my wicker chair.
I moved onto the water feature. I removed all the stone's
and popped them into a bucket of beach water to remove the slim.
I had a little bit of help from my brother. To lift the glass top out. He also helped with getting the pump working and putting the glass top back. Bless him!!

Once I got the water feature working I decide to the
pots on there from early on and then put the stone's back. Once I washed them off.

My Rhododendron that is the picture is planted in a toliet.
Both of my Rhododendrons are, just waiting for the other one
to flower now. It normally flowers later on in the year.

I have sad news I got rid of my Peacock wicker chair.


  1. The pots on the wall, look really great. Lovely colours.....!
    Do you know what l use......Don't laugh....Trainers....Yep, old trainers, fill them with compost, labelia, look great planted in them, when it's fully gown, then just secure them to a wall....!
    Great talking point at Barby's. :).

  2. Hi Willie
    Sorry I've never said thank you for the lovely comment. How rude of me.. Nope I didnt laugh when I read about the old trainers. Its given me an idea to work on, reuse, recycle stuff!