Sunday, 8 May 2011

Who's giving me the run around!!!

Just over a three weeks ago invasion happened.
Aphids, Snails, Slugs.


Three weeks ago my poor Buddleia and wild flowers got
 attacked by aphids.

So I made up the water and a drop of
washing up liquid solution, and sprayed that on.
I can say so far so good!

But I have been told of an plant friendly
remedy to try, using Neem oil.
Which I'm dying to try out!

On the 3rd of May, I had a shock! when I went and opened my little greenhouse up.
Which I normally do - But couldn't because of the day before,
 We had a thunderstorm :(

To my surprise someone or some think had been nibbling at my lettuce and rocket.
Which is not on!!
This will make some of you laugh. That night
 you should of seen me out in the dark with the torch!
Couldn't find any think, even went out again
late on, still nothing.

Since then no one or no think as been about.
It's a bit of a mystery!

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