Thursday, 23 May 2013

The Mission Of A Local Bee! (part 01)

Last year for the first time ever I suffered with Hay fever,  at the time I did not know it was Hay Fever.  I first thought I had a cold and I kept telling everyone it was just that!

Then the symptoms got worst - so off I went to the doctor's. Too my surprise he told me - it was Hay Fever and the best thing I could take was Local Honey!

So once I got home I started to look up on line for local honey and where I could get some from.  But I was not so lucky with the search. :(

Then I remember two remedies nettle tea and chamomile tea!  So while I was out shopping for plant's I picked up a box of chamomile tea.

Once I got the plants that I wanted and the tea! Off home I went to put the plants outside!  Also to have a cup of chamomile tea with a sandwich!

I can not lie the chamomile tea reminds me of old dirty sock's yuk!!!!!!

Once I had that rather interesting cup of tea and a lovely ham sandwich, off out I went with my mom;  Too look for local honey!

We did a 100 miles right round scales.  Too find local honey, I went into every farm shop I could find from Washingpool  to Holme farm shop , even all those little farm shops in between!

Every shop had honey, but when I asked where the honey was from? or do you have local (Dorset) honey?  The reply I got was shocking and I found alarming: 'Sorry we have no local honey, we have had to buy in honey from other counties.' Or I was told 'I have losted all my hives due to the winter'. I was even told ' I am very sorry to say I lost mind due to the virus that is hitting the honey bees'.  So I went home without any honey......

On my way home I remember last year (2011) I was getting honey bee's in the garden.  I wondered where they were coming from, I knew there isn't a beekeeper near me!  I also know bee's can travel long distance's, if they have too..   So I worked out the little bee's must of been coming from Chickerell, Dorset maybe... I started to wondered again if there was a beekeeper out at Chickerell.

So again once I got home I searched on the net to see if there was a bee keeper in Chickerell..  I even got in touch with a man to do with beekeepers in Dorset!  But he couldn't even help me!  So I did not know where to look, again!

Nearly two week's pasted and I was at work.  When I got talking to a lady, that told me, about a guy two door's down from her in the village that she live's in, is a beekeeper!

So the next day I phoned the village shop. The nice lady in the shop didn't even know about the beekeeper in her village!  So I was back to square one again!

A few day's later I was in my local whole food shop. When I decided to ask if they had any local honey, (any what have I got to loses) .  To my surprise they had some!

Even more of a surprise is that the honey is from beekeeper of the village, where my customer live's!

So now ever couple of weeks I go into the shop to pick up my supply...

I'm still none the wiser who's honey bee's it is that visits the garden!

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  1. Good luck with the local honey Em, hope it sorts out your hay fever and keeps it at bay!