Thursday, 20 June 2013

Is He Alive

Just lately I have been wondering what is up with my New Zealand Flax.  The leaves have been going yellow and to be honest he did not look  very alive!  I started to wonder if he had died on me during the winter. Due to all the cold weather we have had in the Uk.

So I decided to do some re-search just to re-fresh what I know about the NZ Flax...  I learnt that due to the very cold weather we had last winter a lot of NZ flax's was and have die off! 

R.I.P: Other NZ Flax's 

I also read how some NZ Flax's have never flowered, due to our weather.  To think of it I can only remember two times when My NZ Flax as flowered!

Anyway.  .  .  I decided to tackle the NZ flax on my day off.  Which was last Bank Holiday Monday just gone.  So once I got up and had my breakfast off out in the garden I went..

Firstly I had to move the Rhododendron over and some of the other pots to, get to the flax. 

Then I had fun moving the pot that the flax was in.  Once I got the pot onto the floor, I got out the garden string to tie the leaves up!  So I could get down to the soil level and get the old leaves and horrible rotting mass, which had to go...

So once I got rited of the rotting mass of stuff out of the way.  I could now see how the NZ flax was.  To my surprise I have got about nine plant's in the pot.  So after I tidyed the leaves up, 
I re-moved the green safeways box that the plant use to sit on, due it the box had broken. 
Don't worry I am going to re-use the box some how.  Once I got the box out of the way I pushed the flax up into the corner.  Then I put newish soil on top to cover up the roots. 

What I found was the NZ Flax I bought many years ago have die. It seem to be all the baby plant's (what was) were growing in the the rotting mass of stuff.  So that is why I put newish soil on top. Then I put lil pebbles on top, for now! 

Couldn't get all the big leaves in picture!

I know I have mention it before about working on sorting out the corner.  But I am working out what to do with it!  I want to down size the pot the NZ flax is in, I also would love to have a palm in the garden....Kind of like one of them on Weymouth seafront. (I May end up doing a post on Weymouth seafront palms.)  Anyway what ever happens I will let you all know.  What I decided to do.. .. 

Please feel free to reply, let me know what you think? 

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  1. The plain green Phormiums like yours are the toughest of the lot. Glad it has produced lots of off sets!